Triumvirat - Spartacus (1975)

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Triumvirat - Spartacus (1975)

Triumvirat - Spartacus (1975)

01-The Capital Of Power
02-The School Of Instant Pain
03-The Walls Of Doom
04-The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
05-The Hazy Shades Of Dawn
06-The Burning Sword Of Capua
07-The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty
08-The March To The Eternal City

Extra tracks
10-The Capital Of Power (Live)

This recording consists of a series of shorter pieces in the 2-9 minute range that are more or less strung together to intimate the (42-minute or so) history of Spartacus and the third slave uprising. Moving onto the music (which is what these guys were about anyways), the listener is treated to galloping Hammond organ, blistering moog solos, and soaring string synthesizer pads atop a fairly agile rhythm section. The ensemble work is intricate, the melodies are superb, the vocals (in English) are excellent, and the arrangements are well thought out, which makes Triumvirat justifiably one of the more technically accomplished of the German prog bands. Unlike "Illusions on a Double Dimple" which is a much weaker effort, "Spartacus" does not include female backup singers or sax solos, and the "pop tunes" are more creative and might be said to be "prog-pop". Interspersed with the "prog-pop" tunes are fantastic and dazzlingly complex instumental passages that are loaded with synthesizer parts. This is a great recording that should keep most prog fans interested or at least entertained. The bonus tracks are entirely dispensable.