VA Extended Electronics 2006 [RS]

GENRE….. Electronic
STYLE…. Electro / Darkwave
LABEL….. Zoomica
MODE…… VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE… Jul-09-2006

Amazing Double CD collection presenting no less than 20 (out of 24) ALL EXCLUSIVE Extended Mixes from some of the Electro / Darkwave scenes biggest names. Special mention goes to the new version of DIE KRUPPS' classic "Wahrer Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn" with Douglas McCarthy (NITZER EBB) on vocals, the Sergio Mesa Remix of COMBICHRIST's "This Is My Riffle" and the Exclusive TBM Version of COVENANT's most commercial track "Hz" from their recent hit-album "Skyshaper". A very special release that stands out from the flood of lesser compilations "Extended Electronics" also includes Exclusive versions from [:SITD:], VNV Nation, Soman, Mind.In.A.Box., Lights Of Euphoria, Diary Of Dreams, Seabound, Funker Vogt and many more…

01 [:SITD:] - Suffering in Solitude (Extended)
02 Frozen Plasma - Hypocrite (Extended Electronics Mix)
03 Girls Under Glass - Ohne Dich (Extended Version)
04 Das Ich - Opferzeit (Advanced Club Mix)
05 VNV Nation - Chrome (22.7 Mhz mix by Modcom)
06 Combichrist - This is my riffle (Extended Remix by Sergio Mesa)
07 Soman - Ruler (Extended Remix)
08 Rotersand - Dare to live (SR Version)
09 Diorama - The rich are all perverted (Psychno Version)
10 Mind.In.A.Box - Dead End (Oneway.mix)
11 Lights Of Euphoria - Sleepwalk (Insomnia Extended)
12 Endanger - Velvet Heart (Extended Mix)

01 In Strict Confidence - Promised Land (Extended Version)
02 Diary Of Dreams - Psycho-Logic (Extended Psycho-Mix)
03 Seabound - Traitor (Extended Version)
04 Covenant - 20 Hz (TBM Version)
05 Reaper - Weltfremd (Extended Electronixx Version)
06 Funker Vogt - The End (Extended Mix)
07 Die Krupps feat. Douglas McCarthy - Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn
08 Dracul - WΣhle die Freiheit (Extended Version)
09 The Retrosic - Ground Zero (Extended Version)
10 Faderhead - Vanish (Extended Version)
11 Pzychobitch - Pussygang (Extended Version)
12 Psyche - 15 Minutes (Lights Out)

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