VA-Cafe Ibiza - The Cream Of Balearic Cuisine

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VA-Cafe Ibiza - The Cream Of Balearic Cuisine
VA-Cafe Ibiza-The Cream Of Balearic Cuisine(2006)
Lo-Fi | Mp3 VBRHQ | Covers | 167mb

1-Freemason - "Love On My Mind" (After Hours mix)
2-Cantoma - "Katja"
3-Afterlife - "China Flowers"
4-Still feat Cathy Battistessa - "All In The Water" (Deep Water mix)
5-Goloka - "Mandarin" (Es Cavallet mix)
6-The Egg - "Angel Of My Soul"
7-Juma - "Hustle & Slide"
8-Miscosity - "Flotation"
9-Pretz - "Goodbye Ferrers"
10-Atakama - "Lost At Sunset"
11-"A Million Miles Away"
1-Chungking - "Voodoo"
2-Laidback - "Beautiful Day" (Banzai Republic vs Trentemoller mix)
3-The Sun Shipp - "Good Old Days"
4-Nuits De Sons - "Cosmic Girl"
5-Parallel - "Interstellar"
6-River Gods - "Acacia House"
7-Deep And Wide" - Castillo De Arena"
8-Bliss - "Sleep Will Come"
9-James Bright - "Little Things"
10-Chris Coco - "Albatross"
11-Heather Nova - "Aquamarine"
enjoy greetz Dirk