VA - Dirty Martini (2006)

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VA - Dirty Martini (2006)

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Audio CD (January 10, 2006)
Label: Water Music Records

The number of electronica-spawned compilations that are designed for swank chilling must be in the thousands by now, but Water Music's Dirty Martini is an inspired collection despite its groan-worthy title and predictable packaging (martini glass on the front, half-naked urbanite vixen on the back). Nostalgic, cool, and campy numbers from Ursula 1000 and the Frank Popp Ensemble warrant the connection to the cocktail culture while dreamier, more subdued tracks from the Dining Rooms and Grand Pianoramax -- with the ever tasteful and tasty Nuspirit Helsinki on remix duties -- give the collection some depth. It's a well-chosen and sequenced offering from the label and delivers on the cover's promise of "sultry."

01. Organ Vibe - Mizter Koffy
02. Afrolicious - The Dining Rooms
03. Reality Check - Stigmato Inc
04. In This Life - Lazy
05. Magic Single Barrel (Mo' Horizons Restyle) - La Taverne Du Lac
06. Beatbox Cha Cha - Ursula 1000
07. Information - De-Phazz
08. Belly Bossanova - The Frank Popp Ensemble
09. La Dolce Vita - Telepath
10. Me And The Blue - Lemon
11. Party - Vibraphile
12. Fashionably Late - The First Floor Brothers
13. Starlite (Nuspirit Helsinki Remix) - Grand Pianoramax
14. Do I Move You? - Baby Mammoth
15. Autour De Moi - Racoon

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