Jon Anderson & Vangelis: Friends of Mr. Cairo

Posted By: Mirabo
Jon Anderson & Vangelis: Friends of Mr. Cairo

Jon Anderson & Vangelis: Friends of Mr. Cairo
MP3 | CBR 128 Kbps | Original Release Date: 1981 | 41 Mb

I love this recording and have listened to it again and again. Donna Summer's cover of "State of Independence" is inspirational, anthemic, but the musicians here obviously have a lot of fun as well. The title song is a wonderful tip of the hat to forties films. The Spanish singer, Ana Belen, was moved by "I'll find my way home," a song which she covered on "Geminis." "Back to School" is silly and grating, but provides comic relief. For me, however, the most spectacular track is "The Mayflower," which beautifully captures the loneliness of human existence, the desperate need to leave the comfort of home, and the alienating effect of technology on our lives. A group of humans are marooned in space, unable to communicate with or return to Earth. Atmospheric music and the innocence of Jon Anderson's tenor are punctuated by a crackling of radio transmissions across vast distances. It is such a sad, beautiful work of art. For fans of Vangelis at his loveliest, there are a couple of other tracks sure to please, "Beside" and "Outside of This (Inside of That)."

1. I'll Find My Way Home
2. State Of Independence
3. Beside
4. The Mayflower
5. The Friends Of Mr. Cairo
6. Back To School
7. Outside Of This (Inside Of That)