Vangelis: Voices

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Vangelis: Voices

Vangelis: Voices
MP3 | CBR 256 Kbps | Original Release Date: 1996 | 95.7 Mb

The Greek synth king is back after a lengthy hiatus, but he hasn't learned many new variations on the Cosmos-Chariots of Fire riffs he patented 15 years ago. The ridiculously overblown title track verges on self-parody, and five other instrumentals meander aimlessly. Only the unearthly vocals of Stina Nordenstam and Caroline Levell on “Ask The Mountains,” and “Come To Me,” respectively, penetrate the velvety new age fog. – Jeff Bateman


1. Voices
2. Echoes
3. Come To Me
4. P.S.
5. Ask The Mountains
6. Prelude
7. Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart)
8. Messages
9. Dream In An Open Place


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