Vargas Blues Band ~ Last Night ~ DVD Live

Posted By: Serban Ardelean
Vargas Blues Band ~ Last Night ~ DVD Live

Vargas Blues Band ~ Last Night | Video DVD Rip | Live | 2002 | Genre: Blues
Video: XVID | 25.00fps | 640x352 | 1156Kbps | 1 Disc | 1:05:49 | 699 MB
Audio: Dolby AC3 | 48000Hz | Stereo | 320Kbps

Javier Vargas from Spain has long been one of the blues/rock world's best kept secrets. He was born in Madrid, Spain and later moved to Argentina, where he began taking guitar lessons.
Inspired by rock groups such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, as well as bluesmen such as Freddie King and Albert Collins, he dedicated himself to becoming a professional guitarist.
Javier moved to the United States and played clubs and sessions in Nashville and Los Angeles. He returned to Spain, and in 1991, the Vargas Blues Band was formed - "All Around Blues" was the first album released by the group. Several more albums were to follow, and Vargas' song "Blues Latino" was even included on the Santana Brothers album in 1993. Throughout the '90s, the Vargas Blues Band continued to record, and in 1999, they recorded this live appearance in Madrid.

Vargas Blues Band ~ Last Night ~ DVD Live

Vargas is a powerhouse guitarist who also is among the more tasteful players that I have heard. His recordings show elements of jazz, funk, Latin, and even flamenco and "Last Night" is a brilliant combination of all. While Vargas' guitar is front and center throughout the recording, so are the incredible vocals of Bobby Alexander. His voice, like Vargas' guitar, is powerful yet smooth. Though Vargas and Alexander are the core, guests invited to play along are the salt and pepper of the show.

Vargas Blues Band ~ Last Night ~ DVD Live

This DVD is spectacular from start to finish and one of the finest live recordings. The live sound quality is extraordinary and really makes you feel like you are front row center for the show. The DVD also comes with an excellent 12 song CD of the band in concert, which makes this indeed a lot of splendid entertainment. The audio CD was uploaded previous to this post.

Ripped by myself from original DVD. Quality is good despite the fact that the original is only 2.5GB, thus not very sharp. This is a rare disc, I don't know of anybody else who already has it and the store from which it was ordered had a hard time finding it themselves.

Tracks DVD:

01. Manish Boy
02. Black Cat Boogie
03. Body Shock
04. Back Alley Blues
05. Del Sur
06. Illegally
07. Buenos Aires Blues
08. Hard Time Blues
09. Madrid - Memphis
10. Born To Be Wild
11. Chill Out (Sácalo)
12. 2001 Blues

Recorded live in Madrid December 1999 with guests Elena Andújar, David Montes, Gino Pavone, Jorge Lema and Juan Gómes "Chicuelo".

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