Vaya Con Dios - all albums: Vaya con Dios, Night Owls, Time Flies, Roots&Wings, 13 Songs by Purple Prose, The Promise

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Vaya Con Dios - All albums: Vaya Con Dios, Night Owls, Time Flies, Root & Wings, The Promise, 13 Songs by Purple Prose (Pop, Soul)
MP3 192 Kbps | 1987, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1999,2004 | Label: BMG Ariola Belgium | 251 min all | 428 Mb all
Genre: Pop, Soul | Styles: Pop, Soul, Latin, Chanson

The world famous music group created by musicians, united around of woman singer Dani Klein, the fantastic woman, who working as the vocalist in many Belgian groups (for example, in “Catalog of Cool”) in the beginning of the career.
“Vaya con Dios” rendered the big influence on music world. For example, in 1996 Jan Delvaux say about a debut single “I'm seeking something that has already found me” by Ozark Henry as follows: “Ozark Henry has joined to a line gifted Belgian recyclists ("dEUS", "Evil Superstars", "Vaya Con Dios"…) which surprise the world more and more frequently”.

2 сборника группы Vaya con Dios я тут уже видел, но таки позволю себе привести ссылки на все песни. Чтоб уж полная коллекция была - это все альбомы как группы, так и Дани Кляйн

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Vaya con Dios - 1987

1. Don’t Cry for Louie
2. The Moonshiner
3. Lord Help Me Please
4. Lay Your Hands
5. Lulu’s Song
6. Just a Friend of Mine
7. Sold My Soul
8. One Silver Dollar
9. Philadelphia
10. Remember
11. Puerto Rico
12. Johnny

Night Owls - 1990

1. Nah Neh Nah
2. Far Gone Now
3. Sunny Days
4. Sally
5. Something’s Got a Hold on Me
6. I Don’t Want to Know
7. What’s a Woman?
8. Night Owls
9. Pack Your Memories
10. With You
11. Travelling Light
12. Quand elle rit aux eclats

Time Flies - 1992

1. Time Flies
2. Forever Blue
3. Farewell Song
4. So Long Ago
5. Still a Man
6. Heading for a Fall
7. Mothers and Daughters
8. Listen
9. Bold and Untrue
10. Muddy Waters
11. For You
12. Brave Jane
13. At the Parallel

Roots and Wings - 1995

1. Lonely Feeling
2. Stay with Me
3. Hot August Night
4. Don’t Break My Heart
5. Mind on Vacation
6. Call on Me
7. What if?
8. Evening of Love
9. Paradise
10. Get to You
11. Don’t Hate You Anymore
12. Movin’ on

Night Of The Proms 1996 (festival)

Let It Be - Dani Klein & Joe Cocker & Tony Hadley & Oleta Adams & Guo Yue

The Blue Sides of Vaya Con Dios - 1998

What Will Come Of This

13 Songs by Purple Prose - 1999

1. Dirty Gold
2. The Heart Hunts Alone
3. L’amour lointaine
4. Estoy embriagada
5. I Didn’t Know
6. Es wird schon wieder gehen
7. Dios te lo devolvera (Until Forgiveness Comes)
8. Little Death
9. The Voices Warned Me
10. Une voix nous manque
11. Southern Moon
12. Grand Tralala
13. Who Wants To Be Lonely?

The Promise - 2004

1. No One Can Make You Stay
2. Ain`t No Love in the Heart of the City
3. Don`t Deny
4. La Llorena
5. Take Heed
6. Je L`aime Je L`aime
7. The Promise
8. Ilia (Vaya Con Dios & Bonga)
9. La Vida Es Como Una Rosa
10. Es Wird Schon Wieder Gehen
11. How We Lose (How We Win)
12. Je Te Veux (Vaya Con Dios & Grim)

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