ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Vilda Mannu (1998)

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ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Vilda Mannu (1998)

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Vilda Mannu (1998)
Melodic Death Metal | MP3 VBR V0 89 Mb | 0:43:42

Country: Finland
Label: Spinefarm
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First and foremost, if you stumbled upon this review after hearing people rave about this band, then that was probably in regard to what ETOS released AFTER this album; namely – "Chaotic Beauty" and "A Virgin & A Whore." But that does not mean this album sucks or anything. It just means that those two albums are in a league of their own and are far superior to anything in the genre. That is probably the reason why this album is so underrated. It just does not live up to what ETOS have done on their next efforts. "Vilda Mannu" is a victim of the band's own success. Much like Blind Guardian's "Twilight World" or Slayer's "Haunting The Chapel." The band's other works seem to outshine this gem so badly that it is often overlooked.
Eternal Tears of Sorrow play a brand of melodic death metal unlike anyone else. In reality, this is not even melodic death metal. The band's aforementioned albums would fit that classification more accurately, not "Vilda Mannu." This album has little melody in the vocals. The guitar lines are primarily what give it that melodic factor. And don't even ask about the Gothenburg sound. This has nothing to do with that school of metal, nor does it show any influences from there. One would only have to listen to it to understand what this album sounds like, so forgive this reviewer if he is not helping. I am trying my best.
The music ranges from mid-tempo to full throttle. Vocals are pretty much low growls and keep up with however fast or slow the music is going. The Guitars get very technical and deliver some great hooks and riffs. Both guitars here play some very complex riffs but completely independent from each other. They do the chugging riffs here and there, but never get carried away with it. The drums are mostly fast paced and maintain a good groove to all the songs. They don't get too intricate but sure as hell sound amazing.
"Burning Flames' Embrace" and "Nightwind's Lullaby" are examples of the diversity of this band and show exactly how harsh their music can be at parts, and then how beautiful it can get at other times. They don't make use of much keyboards on this album. That may or may not be a good thing, depending on what you like. If you like the harsher, 'keyboardless' sound, then get this album. Otherwise, get their follow-up material.
This is truly a marvelous album and deserves every bit of praise that I am giving it. But compared to their follow up material, this one is much weaker. But I can guarantee anyone who likes melodic death metal or even progressive metal with a little bit of speed and growly vocals that they will enjoy "Vilda Mannu."
01. Northern Doom
02. Burning Flames' Embrace
03. Goashem
04. Scars of Wisdom
05. Nightwind's Lullaby
06. Raven (In Your Eyes)
07. Vilda Mannu
08. Coronach
09. Nodde Rahgam
10. Seita


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