Roger Waters & Ron Geesin - Music From The Body (1970)

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Greeting Floyd Fans!

Presenting, Roger Waters & Ron Geesin - Music From The Body (1970)

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Format: MP3
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Runtime: 42:55

One reviewer at writes:
"Roger Waters of Pink Floyd's first solo album was a collaboration with avant garde musician Ron Geesin entitled Music From the Body released in November of 1970 in the UK and was to be released in the US but Capitol rejected it and didn't get a US release until the 1980s.

Roger Waters was the first member of the classic lineup to release a solo effort and was a collaboration with Scottish composer Ron Geesin whom worked with Waters on Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother.

If you like Amused to Death or Pros and Cons, prepare for disappointment. However, if you like Pink Floyd's most avant garde material like Atom Heart Mother and the Ummagumma studio album, you are in for a treat.

Roger has a few songs interspersed amongst the sound effects heavy Ron Geesin tracks. Roger's Sea Shell and Stone and Chain of Life are acoustic pieces that would have fit well on the More album by Floyd. Breathe is an early take of Breathe in the Air on Dark Side of the Moon but with different lyrics and the music of Sea Shell and Stone. Roger's last song on the album was Give Birth to a Smile which featured Waters' bandmates David Gilmour on guitar, Nick Mason on drums and Rick Wright on keyboards. Some of the instrumentals like Our Song have Roger and Ron working together. Not a bad solo effort but not for everyone."

Track Listing:

1. Our Song
2. Sea Shell And Stone
3. Red Stuff Writhe
4. A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life
5. Lick Your Partners
6. Bridge Passage For Three Plastic Teeth
7. Chain Of Life
8. The Womb Bit
9. Embryo Thought
10. March Past Of The Embryos
11. More Than Seven Dwares In Penis-Land
12. Dance Of The Red Corpuscles

13. Body Transport
14. Hand Dance-Full Evening Dress
15. Breathe
16. Old Folks Ascension
17. Bedtime-Dream-Clime
18. Piddle In Perspex
19. Embryonic Womb-Walk
20. Mrs.Throat Goes Walking

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