Waylon & Willie - Clean Shirt (1991)

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Waylon & Willie - Clean Shirt (1991)

Waylon & Willie - Clean Shirt (1991)
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AMG review by Brian Mansfield:
Two aging outlaws swap reminisces and argue good-naturedly about who's caused the most trouble. Every once in a while they work themselves up to doing more damage. Small flashes of tossed-off brilliance appear in nearly every song, but sometimes it's hard to tell what's part of the pair's casual charm and what's just laziness: when the clever "Old Age and Treachery" (always overcome youth and skill) falls apart at the end, it's infuriating. Like much of either singer's output, Clean Shirt sounds a bit wrinkled at first, but most of the album holds up to repeated listening. (3/5)
01 If I Can Find A Clean Shirt (03:30)
02 I Could Write A Book About You (02:49)
03 Old Age And Treachery (03:38)
04 Two Old Sidewinders (02:51)
05 Tryin' To Outrun The Wind (03:31)
06 The Good Ol' Nights (02:23)
07 Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune (01:59)
08 The Makin's Of A Song (02:53)
09 Put Me On A Train Back To Texas (02:53)
10 Rocks From Rolling Stones (03:41)

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