Eberhard Weber - The Following Morning

Posted By: Alexun
Eberhard Weber - The Following Morning

Eberhard Weber - The Following Morning

Genre: Jazz | ECM 1084 | MP3 192 Kbps | Playtime 40:08 | 55,2 Mb | Released 1976

Rainer Bruninghaus - Piano, Keyboards
Charlie Mariano - Saxophone
Eberhard Weber - Bass, Cello

It is a difficult task to convey here the sheer beauty of Weber's "The Following Morning". But beautiful it is.

Of course, those familiar with the musical traits of the ECM record label will expect the minimalist and emotive aspects of this music. This is certainly a powerful example. Anyone coming to this via Weber's presence in the Jan Garbarek Group - as I did,should not hesitate. The overall mood and tone of this work is entirely consistant with that of the great saxophonist.

That Weber's unique approach to electro acoustic Bass deserves close attention,is beyond doubt. The joy of this album though is the intensity of composition and its striking classical feel. The arrangements for strings and horns are subtle and deeply atmospheric.

As usual, Rainer Bruninghaus plays simply haunting piano. His performance of the simple chord ostinato in the title theme is marvelous, as are his moments of improvisation.

Despite its short running time, this is one of my very favourite albums. I feel priveleged to have found it.

1. T on a White Horse (Weber) - 10:10
2. Moana I (Weber) - 10:52
3. Following Morning (Weber) - 12:04
4. Moana II (Weber) - 7:42