Yagya - The Rythm of Snow

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Yagya - The Rythm of Snow

Yagya - The Rythm Of Snow

Genre: Electronic - Ambiental
Year: 2002
Bitrate: 192 CBR


Real Name: Aрalsteinn Guрmundsson

Icelandic producer Yagya (Aalsteinn Gumundsson) has been creating atmospheres through melody and sounds for more then a decade. A definitive member of the Thule Musik collective, Yagya also is known for his work as half of Sanasol and also the famed Plastik.

A student of computer science at the University of Iceland Yagya spends his free time creating music on his computer. He concentrates on atmospheres and moods and tries to reflect the beauty of the world around him in the sounds of his music. He seeks influence in the works of Gas, Philip Glass, Basic Channel, Brian Eno and anything that is true to itself and it's ideas. Yagya concentrates on the softer side of music and avoids heavy rhythms. He finds harmony and beauty in the simple sounds of nature and wants his music to flow naturally through the listener.


This is state of the art album. Must have, must listen. This peace created new genre in electronic ambiental music.
Stay tuned for other great music.

Greatings from Belgrade goes to all people that post fabulous jazz music here, they know who they are.

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