Yanni: Love Songs

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Yanni: Love Songs

Yanni: Love Songs
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As Yanni compilations go (and this is his eighth, the fifth churned out by his former record company in a three-year period), this is a well-conceived package, commendable for its focus and continuity of style. It is, basically, music for bubble baths, a bouquet of warm, piano-based sweet nothings. Love Songs takes nine of its 12 gentle selections from two of Yanni's quieter releases, Dare to Dream and the hushed piano intimacy of In My Time, and its stately, neoclassical romanticism is more reminiscent of David Lanz than the ballad-like pop of Jim Brickman. For listeners in search of a non-jarring audio element to add to your evening of candlelight and massage oil, this is a worthy selection. If this strikes your fancy, seek out an overlooked 1984 solo piano gem from David Lanz, Nightfall.

Track list
1. In The Morning Light
2. So Long My Friend
3. To The One Who Knows
4. Almost A Whisper
5. Before I Go
6. In The Mirror
7. First Touch
8. Enchantment
9. Felitsa
10. Secret Vows
11. Whispers In The Dark
12. To Take…To Hold