Young Black Teenagers - Young Black Teenagers (first album) (1991)

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Young Black Teenagers - Young Black Teenagers (first album) (1991)

Young Black Teenagers - Young Black Teenagers (first album) | 1991 | Genre: hip hop
MP3 | 192 kbps | RAR = 61.53

Young Black Teenagers were young, arguably teenagers, but obviously not black. It might seem odd, if not for the fact they had the support of Carlton Ridenour, the man known to the rap world as Chuck D. YBT were signed to S.O.U.L. Records, a label started by Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee. The group were meant to be a statement to their love of the music, but everyone saw them as a bunch of pranksters, especially when their first single was "Nobody Knows Kelli", a song about the Christina Applegate character that was on the television show "Married With Children". Those within the group's inner circle knew what they were trying to do, many others were confused as to why a bunch of caucasians (and one Puerto Rican) would call themselves black, especially at the height of Afrocentricity in rap music. It was a social and political statement, and no one quite got it, preferring groups like them to perform sounds about getting drunk and eating punani.

Kamron (vocalist/dj)
ATA (dj/vocalist)
Firstborn (vocalist/percussion)
D.J. Skribble (dj)
Tommy Never (vocalist)

1. Punks, Lies & Video Tape
2. Korner Groove
3. Traci
4. First Stage Of A Rampage Called The Rap Rage
5. Nobody Knows Kelli
6. Daddy Called Me Nigga Cause I Likeded To Rhyme
7. Chillin' Wit Me Posse
8. Mack Daddy Don Of The Underworld
9. Loud And Hard To Hit
10. My TV Went Black And White On Me
11. Proud To Be Black
12. To My Donna
13. My Color TV