Keith Richards - (1988) Talk is Cheap MFSL

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Keith Richards - (1988) Talk is Cheap ((MFSL 1992 UDCD-557))
EAC+CUE | log | wvpack | 4x60mb,1x55mb | CoverS | Recovery | RS links
-= Thanks fly out to the original uploader =-

Скачать 1,Скачать 2,Скачать 3,Скачать 4,Скачать 5

part1.rar c2fa080502c2b4f604224690105c1fba
part2.rar 1b8ba153815b41df0bb2e411ed5494d8
part3.rar 12e16c695b37cdc62e009acdd879b6c4
part4.rar cf486bd7887c304d6f8e97d9b614f79d
part5.rar 7d7078ac392163670e82467d959691fc

Original upload was done in the CloneCD format (ccd image)
Burn it with burrrn (md5:ef2c67b166e63f50c88db85192c6e75b)

Буклет - CoverS included
Links checked: July 1st, 2007
Recovery record / Информация для восстановления: 3%
Password / Пароль: kpnemo

Удачи! Good luck!