ASIA - Aria (1994) [Lossless]

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ASIA - Aria (1994) [Lossless]

ASIA - Aria (1994)
Genre: Rock | Label: Inside Out Music | 1994 | FLAC 338 Mb | mp3 (CBR 320kbps) 113 Mb | 48:08

There’s real power in this album from start to finish, it is undoubtedly Asia’s heaviest work. Geoff Downes and John Payne effectively were Asia by this time and take both the song-writing, and production credits through out.

There are numerous stand out tracks, including “Desire”, briefly reprised in a quasi operatic way for the excellent final (title) track. “Feels like love” is superbly constructed, the band teasing the listener with building tension which is released by thunderous choruses.

“Sad Situation” recreates the type of song with which the original Asia found so much success. “Military Man” and “Remembrance day” continue the high energy power rock, but for me “Enough’s enough” is the best track on the album. There is a Downes keyboard break on the track which has a passing resemblance to Europe’s “Final countdown”, the song climaxing with real he-man “la-la’s”.
Review by Easy Livin (Bob McBeath)

Track Listings

1. Anytime (4:57)
2. Are You Big Enough? (4:07)
3. Desire (5:20)
4. Summer (4:06)
5. Sad Situation (3:59)
6. Don't Cut The Wire (Brother) (5:19)
7. Feels Like Love (4:49)
8. Remembrance Day (4:18)
9. Enough's Enough (4:37)
10. Military Man (4:10)
11. Aria (2:26)

Total Time: 48:08

- Geoff Downes / keyboards, vocals
- John Payne / vocals, bass, guitar
- Al Pitrelli / guitars
- Michael Sturgis / drums

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