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Between release of this album and now, Cheech Marin became a bona fide actor and co-starred with Don Johnson on "Nash Bridges". I can just hear Pedro de Pacas' sidekick

Man; "Pedro becomes a pig? Bummer, man!" This album was my follow-up purchase to their first album after hearing the duo's Holiday hit "Santa Claus and His Old Lady" the previous year. I bought their earlier album looking for that track, and to this date, no C&C album has featured it. You have to get Dr. Demento's "Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time", but that's another story. This album grabs you from the first track "Sister Mary Elephant", and I was reminded of it this past Sunday in church, where four baptisms were held. The predictable noise level caused by siblings present forced the Father to practically bellow his sermon, despite the p.a. system, and I commented to my choir director that the padre could have used the help of The Screaming Nun; "Good morning, class…Class….SHUUUUTUUUUUUP!!!" You will also get a foretaste of Marin's versatility in the next album "Los Cochinos", when Marin uses a great Quebecois accent to interview Chong in the part of a crab louse "Buster da body crab" in one sketch on that release. A lot of the humor in C&C's work is sophomoric to say the least, aimed at the Animal House demographic whose sons watch Comedy Central's Carlos Mencia today, but the content of these men's humor obscures the fact that they are brilliant.

01. Sister Mary Elephant - Shudd-up! Teacher asks what you did on your summer vacation.
02. Ralph And Herbie - Dogs talk about poo and fiffie. Getting high on car exhaust.
03. Streets Of New York Or Los Angeles Or San Francisco Or… - Bum bothers people for spare change. Evangelist tries to get bum to find the lord.
04. Rebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip - Stoner records pro-marijuana public service announcement.
05. Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas & Man - Car problems. Bum tries to clean his windshield. Curtis, later portrayed in the movie Up In Smoke, scratches his windshield with a diamond. Man asks pigs for a push.
06. Bust, The - Man knocks on Pedro's door pretending he's a cop.
07. Tortured Old Man - Man watches test pattern. Pedro and Man watch horror movie on TV about a man in old age home.
08. Empire Hancock - TV commercial for suicide building. Revolving restaurants, plenty of diving boards.
09. Let's Make A Dope Deal - Dope gameshow. Bob, what is your name?
10. Unamerican Bandstand - Pimple pads. Laid back Lenny is the host. Blind date with Stevie Wonder. How many downers contest. Right-On Washington. Blind Melon Chitlin' is the musical guest. Pedro and Man talk about the giant rolling paper that comes with Big Bambu.

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