Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)

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Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)
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Pierre Bensusan's 2000 album Intuite is his first solo, acoustic, instrumental work and he hooked up with legendary guitarist Steve Vai's label Favored Nations for worldwide distribution. Working exclusively in the unusual DADGAD tuning, Pierre has developed a bittersweet melodic approach that incorporates Folk, Celtic, Jazz, Impressionist, Brazilian, Mediaeval, Latin, North African rhythms, wordless vocals and French songs. Bensusan has established himself as a compelling concert performer and a stellar contributor to worldwide music festivals. The folks at Encore write glowingly about Bensusan's CD, \"He's like the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic set. Resonating with humble, quiet brilliance, Bensusan's intricate fingerwork and cross-genre inspiration presaged what is now widely known as 'world music'. It's the perfect sound to accompany sunlight as it streams through your window.

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)

A virtuoso Algerian guitarist, now based in the Champagne region of France, Pierre Bensusan has released 10 solo albums and has become one of the most renowned instrumental guitarists of modern times. Combining a broad range of often technically difficult techniques to create a sound that is truly unique, Bensusan draws influence from many world music genres whether it be Celtic folk, South African rhythm or Latin and Flamenco styles. Dynamic, captivating, astonishing, the Pierre Bensusan experience is a musical journey that will leave you breathless.

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)

Amazon Review:
Ignore the surreal New Age cover painting with Pierre's leafy features peering quizzically from a tree–Intuite is a delightful album. It's also Bensusan's first entirely unaccompanied and totally acoustic recording in a professional career that began in 1976 with his Près de Paris album. Though he never took formal guitar lessons, Bensusan is among the world's most highly respected fingerstyle guitarists and has been dubbed the Claude Monet of the guitar. Aside from recordings, he has also produced several instructional books and videos for guitar players. Born in Algeria in 1957, he moved with his family to Paris when he was four. He took his early cues from the folk revival of the 1960s, but the breadth of his influences goes way beyond that, with flavors ranging through jazz, classical, and medieval into world and, in particular, Celtic music. All of these styles can be heard on Intuite, with perhaps the most striking example being the title track. This is one of seven pieces dedicated to other musicians, in this case Iraqi oud player Munir Bachir. Bensusan skillfully mimics the modality of the Arab lute even though he currently sticks exclusively to the unusual DADGAD guitar tuning. The piece dedicated to British guitarist John Renbourn, "En Route from Scarborough," borrows cleverly from the classic melody "Scarborough Fair," although this and all other compositions are Bensusan's own. Another highlight is "La Hora Española," which effectively evokes an Iberian ambience without resorting to clichés. Using neither vocals nor other instruments, Intuite constitutes a series of chilled abstract narratives–ideal music for unwinding after a stressful day. –Jon Lusk

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite (2000)


01 - Kadourimdou
02 - The Welsh Arrow
03 - So Long Michael
04 - Intuite
05 - Bourrée Voltige
06 - Le Jardin d'Adonis
07 - La Hora Espanola
08 - L'Alchimiste.
09 - Agadiramadan
10 - En route from Scarborough
11 - Silent Passenger

Playing Time: 42:32


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