Mem Shannon - A Cab Driver's Blues (1995) [Hannibal]

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Mem Shannon - A Cab Driver's Blues (1995) [Hannibal]

Mem Shannon - A Cab Driver's Blues
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Review by Thom Owens
Mem Shannon's first album, A Cab Driver's Blues, became a minor media sensation upon its 1995 release due to circumstance more than music. Shannon's story is fascinating – he's a New Orleans taxi driver who wanted to get out of the business and become a bluesman. That's basically what all the songs on the album are about, whether they're about the job ("5th Ward Horseman," "$17.00 Brunette"), domestic problems ("My Baby's Been Watching TV") or just life in general ("Food Drink and Music," "Ode to Benny Hill"). Shannon's songs have so much specificity and detail that they wind up being much more interesting than the average contemporary blues album. Also, his warm, laidback musical style is idiosyncratic and unpredictable. His delivery is friendly and conversational – he often sounds as if he's singing directly to the listener. And it's that special, intimate quality that makes A Cab Driver's Blues a truly unique and special contemporary blues record.

01 My Baby's been Watching TV
02 Taxicab Driver
03 Me and my Bed
04 Play the Guitar, Son
05 You ain't nothin' nice
06 One hot night
07 The boogie man
08 Maxine
09 Got to go
10 If this ain't the blues
11 Ode to Benny Hill
12 $ 17.00 Brunette