Peter Criss - One For All (2007)

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Peter Criss - One For All (2007)

Peter Criss - One For All
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Genre: Rock / Soft Rock

The lead vocalist and co-writer of what to this day remains KISS' biggest Billboard hit, "Beth", which also went on to win a People's Choice Award, Criss goes back to his songwriting roots with this new CD.
Says Criss: "It's very autobiographical. It's all about kind of loss and gain and love and losing love and getting love, making the same mistakes twice. I got to write a song called "Memories". I redid a song called "What A Difference A Day Makes" that my mom used to sing around the house all the time. She had a great voice and my sister recorded it and played it for me on a little tape player and it moved me. So I redid it with brushes. And Paul Shaffer is on this CD by the way, and when he added this cool like cocktail piano thing to "What A Difference". It was really cool… The most important thing is that my fans and other people will get a whole new outlook on me with this CD. I'm reinventing myself at my own pace, and for me, it's now, more than ever, about being true.”

Peter Criss - One For All (2007)

"One For All" features several cover tunes, a tribute song to Peter's friend and former bandmate, guitarist Ace Frehley, a special salute to all of Peter's fans, and of course a handful of songs written by the Catman himself. Not only did Peter write and arrange most of the lyrics and melodies on the CD, he also self-produced it. He assembled quite a backing band for his latest solo endeavor too - longtime friend and David Letterman band leader Paul Shaffer, bassist Will Lee, and guitarist Mike McLaughlin. "One for All" is a variously styled project, profoundly rich in ballads that touches on all aspects of Criss' life, and draws on his love of rock and R&B. The title track, recorded with the Church of Transfiguration Boys Choir, was written in the wake of 9/11 and sets the tone for the CD. Other songs include: "Doesn't Get Better Than This", "Last Night", "Faces In The Crowd", "Heart Behind These Hands", "Send In The Clowns", and even a tribute song to his longtime bandmate and friend Ace Frehley, titled "Space Ace". ALL FOR ONE is the first fully self-produced CD that Criss has recorded — in addition to arranging and writing the lyrics and melodies for most of the material on the CD.


01. One For All
02. Doesn't Get Better Than This
03. Last Night
04. What A Difference A Day Makes
05. Hope
06. Faces In The Crowd
07. Send In The Clowns
08. Falling All Over Again
09. Whisper
10. Heart Behind These Hands
11. Memories
12. Space Ace

Release Date: July 24, 2007
Label: Silvercat Records/Megaforce