Sam Brown - 43 Minutes (1992)

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Sam Brown - 43 Minutes (1992)

Sam Brown - 43 Minutes (1992)
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Pop, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Soul, Ballad

Sam Brown is known for her expressive vocal style, and the ability to transcend musical styles easily. Her best-known song was "Stop!", released in 1988; she released an album by the same name that year. Other singles taken from this album included "Walking Back To Me" and "This Feeling". The album Stop! sold over two million copies worldwide, doing particularly well in the UK and Australia. In 1990, Sam released her second album April Moon, containing two hit singles, "With A Little Love" and "Kissing Gate" and showed progression in both musical style and songwriting.

Brown has been quoted as saying during the time since this initial success, that she came to realise that she has no interest in being a "star", and prefers instead to create music that holds meaning for both her and her audience. This substance over style approach, although hinted at in her first two albums, is much more evident in her output since this time. Brown was not willing to compromise, or be pushed around by executives at record companies, as the next chapter in her career would prove without doubt.

Brown's third album, 43 Minutes, is a dark, obviously deeply personal and emotional work which was written and recorded around the time that her mother was dying from cancer. This record is not instantly accessible, but with repeated listening reveals great maturity and depth of interpretation of the dark subject matter. Song titles such as "Fear of Life", "Letting Go" and "Into The Night" give a clue to the direction of the album. A&M, Brown's record label at the time were not happy with the album and wanted some potential hit singles recorded and added to the tracklist. Brown however was not willing to compromise and after a protracted battle, she bought back the masters of the album and released it on her own label Pod Music. Very few copies were produced, making it instantly collectible (and almost impossible to find), although it was reissued in 2004 (again via Pod Music).



01. Come Into My World
02. Into The Night
03. In The Rain
04. Fear Of Life
05. The Morning Song
06. You Are The World
07. See This Evil
08. Your Time Is Your Own
09. One Candle
10. Letting Go
11. Sleep Like A Baby

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