TCHAIKOVSKY - Leonard BERNSTEIN & The New York Philharmonic @320

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<div class="center"><b>TCHAIKOVSKY - Leonard BERNSTEIN &amp; The New York Philharmonic RIP+UP (mp3@320) by Galmuchet + Front, Back Covers &amp; CD Sticker</b><br/>
CD Audio <b>1987</b><br/>
CBS Records</div> <br/>
<div class="center"><i><b>Bernstein New York Philharmonic / Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite &amp; Swan Lake Suite</b></i></div><br/>
Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a<br/>
01. 03:21 Nutcracker Suite, Miniature Overture <br/>
02. 11:30 Nutcracker Suite, Dances Caractéristiques <br/>
03. 06:31 Nutcracker Suite, Waltz of the Flowers <br/>
Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20<br/>
04. 02:57 Swan Lake Suite, Act II Opening - Dance of the Swans <br/>
05. 02:39 Swan Lake Suite, Waltz <br/>
06. 01:32 Swan Lake Suite, The Little Swans <br/>
07. 07:08 Swan Lake Suite, Pas de Deux <br/>
08. 01:36 Swan Lake Suite, Waltz <br/>
09. 01:33 Swan Lake Suite, Coda <br/>
10. 02:44 Swan Lake Suite, Act III opening <br/>
11. 02:46 Swan Lake Suite, Spanish Dance <br/>
12. 04:27 Swan Lake Suite, Mazurka <br/>
<b>114 Mb</b> <br/> <br/> <br/>
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Great thx to <b>IngramPJ</b> who reuploaded on RS :-)<br/>
<b>Part I</b><br/>
<b>Part II</b><br/>
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