Various Artists - Violin Adagios (2001) 2 CDs

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Various Artists - Violin Adagios (2001) 2 CDs

Various Artists - Violin Adagios | 2001 | Genre: Classical, Violin
APE 1411 kbps | 44100 HZ Stereo | 657 Mb

“Over 2 l/2 hours of the world's most beautiful music. These words on the cover are very close to true. What an incredible value this collection is!! So many of these compilations of this sort are cheaply produced, and those “greatest hits” collections are one trite piece after another – after a while one runs screaming to the stereo to shut it off. However, this collection is top-notch, and the performers they chose are masterful musicians at the top of their game. Every selection is lovely, each one unfolding after the other in a sublime slide show of exquisite compositions performed by legends. This is TWO CDs of sparkling performances composed and performed by masters. There is not a bad selection or a piece of inferior quality in the entire lot.

The violin is an extraordinary instrument that, when played correctly, can pluck the heartstrings and stir the soul. It is played perfectly by each puppetmaster on each one of these wonderful pieces, and the experience of listening to this collection is an exquisite journey for the heart and spirit. Looking for a fantastic collection of exquisite pieces written and performed by genius? It's here. Highly, highly recommended!!” – Chicago Dreamer

More info and full tracklist at: (Same album, different cover)

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Violin Adagios Part 1 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 2 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 3 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 4 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 5 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 6 (94.0 MB)
Violin Adagios Part 7 (93.7 MB)

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