Georg Friedrich Haendel - Siroe, Re di Persia - Andreas Spering (2004) 2 CDs

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Georg Friedrich Haendel - Siroe, Re di Persia - Andreas Spering (2004) 2 CDs

G. F. Haendel - Siroe, Re di Persia | 2004 | Classical, Opera
APE 1411 kbps | 44100 HZ Stereo | 764 MB

''A Very Good Recording of a Generally Unknown Haendel Opera''

This is a very good recording of what could be described as a "generic" Handel opera seria. There are no ensemble pieces other than the final chorus, and even accompanied recitatives are rare; just a string of dacapo arias from beginning to end. And yet, to anyone attuned to Handel's dramatic genius, this is a very satisfying recording. It is always a fascinating experience to hear musicians tackle a work that has no previous performance tradition to inhibit them. I can imagine that some of the tempi might be deemed rather fast, or some of the accents a bit extreme, but on the whole the performance comes off rather well. This being Handel, there is no shortage of wonderful music, even if it happens to be mostly unknown. The bass aria "Gelido" is particularly striking, one of Handel's finest dramatic strokes within the confines of the dacapo form. The final chorus is quite wonderful as well, more overtly a "rondo" than most of his finales. There are no weak singers, and the recording is up to Harmonia Mundi's usual high standards. Definitely recommended! - CHRIS PROTOPAPAS

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