Loggins & Messina - Full Sail (MFSL)

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Loggins & Messina - Full Sail (MFSL)

Loggins & Messina - Full Sail (MFSL) | 1973 | Genre: Rock, Country rock, folk, 1970's
CD Image File | EAC (WAV + CUE) | Covers | RAR = 303.08mb


Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina were not meant to be a duo, but that's what happened when the success of Sittin' In, done as a way to start Loggins' solo career, was bigger than they realized. Messina had been with Buffalo Springfield and Poco, and had wanted to perform, write, and arrange songs for Messina. But fans loved the melodies and blends they were able to create, and a duo was born. Full Sail is their third album together, and features a number of hits and FM radio staples. Fans who only know the duo for their hits, or Loggins for his string of soundtrack hits from the 80's, will be very surprised at the depth these two and their band were able to create on their albums, and on this. Those who have the original Columbia/CBS/Sony CD's can put them to rest, for the MFSL is THE only way to hear this. Includes original liner notes from Kenny Loggins, written specifically for this release.

1. Lahaina
2. Travelin' Blues
3. My Music
4. A Love Song
5. You Need A Man/Coming To You
6. Watching The River Run
7. Pathway To Glory
8. Didn't I Know You When
9. Sailin' The Wind

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I only had the disc but I discovered the graphics in a newsgroup so I decided to take them and include them here.

Loggins & 			  		  		  		 	    	 			   		  	   		  		  			  	  	 			   		   	  		 		   		 			  	 			   		 			  		 	  			 Messina - Full Sail (MFSL)