Cat Stevens - Numbers MFSL

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Cat Stevens - Numbers MFSL


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Cat Stevens - Numbers MFSL

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL, or "MoFi") is a company that produces audiophile releases of classic CDs and vinyl records.

Many commercial CDs undergo dynamic range compression in order to sound "louder" when played on radio or low-end systems. Some consider this detrimental to the sound quality when reproduced on high-quality equipment. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab releases are highly desirable due to their attention to detail concerning the audio mastering process. Some of the techniques used are half-speed mastering and pressing gold-plated CDs. MFSL also releases record albums meant to be played at 45 RPM instead of the standard 33? RPM, for better sound quality. These albums must be released on two or three discs, as less music can be held at increased speed.

MFSL only acquires the license to reproduce releases for a specific time period, and because of the limited quantities produced, they are highly sought after.

The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Philosophy

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's ongoing quest is to deliver the foremost sounding audio entertainment software that technological innovation can provide. From our first UHQR™ vinyl LP to our latest Ultradisc UHR™ SACD, we have been and will remain a steadfast innovator in the audiophile frontier. We further believe that technological development serves best when accompanied by a profound awareness and appreciation for the elusive magic and mystery that comprises music itself. Our greatest hope is that our products will serve as conduits for ears ands souls to experience premium, pure, natural sound reproduction of diverse, pre-eminent original master recordings across the entire musical spectrum.


01. Whistlestar
02. Novim's Nightmare
03. Majik Of Majiks
04. Drywood
05. Banapple Gas
06. Land o' Free Love & Goodbye
07. Jzero
08. Home
09. Monad's Anthem

Produced By Cat Stevens
P' 1975

Enjoy it!