Cuba Classics, Vol. 2: Dancing with the Enemy (1988)

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Cuba Classics, Vol. 2: Dancing with the Enemy (1988)

Cuba Classics, Vol. 2: Dancing with the Enemy (1988)
MP3 192 Kbps | Original Release Date: January 1988 | Label: Luaka Bop | 59 min | 79 Mb @
Incredible Dance Hits of the 60's & 70's

“One of the first of Luaka Bop's many fine South American and Caribbean collections, Dancing With the Enemy features a fertile mix of modern, son-derived cuts made in Cuba during the ‘60s and ‘70s. The collection ranges from the classic acoustic-folk sound of Maria Teresa Vera's "Es No Es Na" and the vintage rumba stylings of Chapottin y Sus Estrellas' "La Guarapachanga," to the rock-inspired boogaloo and pop of Orquesta Revés' "Fifí, Teté y Popó." Also featuring choice mambo, descarga, and tipica sides, this 16-track disc will no doubt please students of modern Cuban music with credits that include Latin music innovators like Los Van Van, Celeste Mendoza, and Orquesta Riverside. Along with other important Luaka Bop compilations in the Brazil Classics series, Cuba Classics 2: Dancing with the Enemy is an essential record for fans of international music”. – Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

1. Mi Rumba Echando Candela - Celeste Mendoza
2. Eso No Es Na' - Maria Teresa Vera
3. Manzanillo - Orquesta Original de Manzanillo
4. Yayabo - Orquesta Riverside
5. Guarapachanga - Felix Chappottin
6. Llegue Liegue/Guararey de Pastorita - Roberto Baute Sagarra
7. No Me Llores - Conjunto Rumbavana
8. Fiti, Tete y Popo - Orquesta Revé
9. Fiesta Brava - Celeste Mendoza
10. Saoco - Conjunto Caney
11. Baile Usted Mi Son - Conjunto Caney
12. Rumba Como Quiera - Los Zafiros
13. Mis Compadres Puntean Son - Orquesta Pancho El Bravo
14. Caminito de Zara - Jilguero Del Cienfuegos
15. Eres la Candela - Conjunto Chaney
16. Papa Ogun - Celeste Mendoza

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Cuba Classics, Vol. 2: Dancing with the Enemy