MOOG: The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman (1969)

Posted By: Horatius
Here we have an album from 1969 where Dick Hyman experiments with the moog synthesizer, remasteded in 1997.

Dick Hyman, who pioneered the use of the Lowrey organ released this album: Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman in 1969 on the ABC/Command label. The lunar module on the cover reveals that this album came out around the same time as the Apollo moon landing.
Hyman may make his living playing Gershwin and Berlin on the piano, and composing the scores for Woody Allen's films, but his legacy will remember him as the goofy synthecist and organist on Enoch Light's trippy big band series for ABC's Command label during the 1960s. Moog contains that balance of lounge cheese and honest propulsion so desired by the kids nowadays. And the bonus cut of James Brown's "Give It Up or Turn It Loose" mixes Donald Duck sputtering with real funky-ass drums. Beastie Boy-types name-check Hyman whenever the opportunity arises. I wonder if he knows? –D. Strauss

1. Topless Dancers Of Corfu
2. The Legend Of Johnny Pot
3. The Moog And Me
4. Tap Dance In The Memory Banks
5. Four Duets In Odd Meter
6. The Minotaur
7. Total Bells And Tony
8. Improvisation In Fourths
9. Evening Thoughts
10. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
11. Kolumbo
12. Time Is Tight

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