Khun in : Bangkok Xylophone 1 & 2

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Khun in : Bangkok Xylophone 1 & 2

Khun in : Bangkok Xylophone 1 & 2
Genre: Thai traditional Instrument | MP3 320, 192 kbps | 102, 78.1 MB

Khun-In Narongrit Tosanga is best known for making impact on the big screen with the role of ranad master (Home rong movie). From this movie succesfully renews enthusiasm for traditional Thai music, but few people know that his debut solo performance was on television when he was only five years old. He currently leads contemporary bands Bangkok Acoustic and Khun-Inn of the Beat. He also travel widely to performs Thai music abroad as in CNN and NHK.

Want to know him more. See here: khun-in official website (Thai languge)

If you have been ever listen Thai traditional music. You should suspect about the song name. Mostly have words "Lao", "Burma", or "Kamare" in it. In Southeast asia country, we have close relationship and share culture togeter. And if you have been follwed my post, mostly of song are the same but play or new arrengement in many way and multiple style.

Khun in : Bangkok Xylophone 1 & 2

Khun in - Bankok Xylophone 1

Track list:
1. Ton wor ra chate (3:42)
2. Lao duang dean (7:13)
3. Lao som det (4:04)
4. Sroy sang dang (3:49)
5. Lao dum nern (4:26)
6. Lao lum pang (3:27)
7. Yuan klao (3:39)
8. See neaun (6:39)
9. Say-ma-lay (2:37)
10.Cherd nok (solo) (Bonus Track) (7:16)

Khun in : Bangkok Xylophone 1 & 2

Khun in - Bangkok Xylophone 2

Track list:
1. Lao sieang tiean (3:24)
2. Lao lum pang yai (5:56)
3. Lao kra tob mai (6:24)
4. Lao krauan (4:12)
5. Lao gaung dok mai (3:33)
6. Lao kar tae (3:36)
7. Song phung khong (3:17)
8. Lao kra sae (4:03)
9. Ngeao rum leak (3:35)
10. Lao pan (solo) (10:20)
11. Yod phee muee thai (0:49)

Somebody request song in Lossless format. But some album now is very rare and some of it I don't have original CD. But you can request, if I have I will post it.

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