Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra - Opium

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Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra - Opium

Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra - Opium
mp3 | 320 kbps | 1996 Year | 126 min | 293 mb
Genre: New Age, Acoustic, Flamenco

"Opium is a varied collection of songs from German guitarist Ottmar Liebert in a double CD package. The album, nominated for a Grammy in 1997 for Best New Age Recording, features two ambitiously different sets of songs. Disc 1 is called "Wide-Eyed", and disc 2 is called "Dreaming", which essentially describes the tone and pace of each CD. "Wide-Eyed" features more of the nuevo flamenco sound Liebert popularized on earlier CDs, while "Dreaming" is more experimental and ethereal, where the Luna Negra group members delve into new sonic landscapes." -

Personnel: Ottmar Liebert (vocals, acoustic guitar); Magali Amadei, Ashkan Sahihi, Bok Yun Chon, Lobsang Samten, Olga Kammerer (vocals); Jon Gagan, Stefan Liebert, Mark Clark, Eric Schermerhorn, Woody Thompson, Carl Coletti.

CD1: Wide-Eyed

01. Nuevo Mexico
02. Alegria Arabe [Version]
03. Turkish Night
04. Ocean Blvd./ Miami
05. Santa Fe 2 Chama
06. Trémulo (De Mi Corazón)
07. Bed of Nails [Wide-Eyed Trance]
08. Montana Walking
09. Tangos de Tesuque
10. Snakeoilsurfer
11. Serenity on Ultracloud [Tribal Mix]
12. Butterfly + Juniper
13. Oudu (Technicolor Eyes Burn Thru)
14. Bulería de Rojo

CD2: Dreaming

01. Serenity on Ultracloud [Mellow Mix]
02. Yasmeen
03. Ayer-El Últimon Dia de Palabra
04. Old Man on the Citadel
05. Anyong/Grandfather Smiling [Walkie Talkie Mix]
06. Te Siento
07. Freedom
08. Buleria de Las Golondrinas
09. Acequia Madre
10. Chama 2 Santa Fe
11. Chi-Wahwah Beauty
12. Drop of Water on a Dry Stone
13. Slow Burn/Pain + Pleasure
14. Bluedreamdrops
15. Ripple/Wind over Water
16. Blink of an I Contains Eternity
17. Anyong/Grandfather Singing [Gibson Mix]
18. Opium

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