James Asher - Dance of the Light

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James Asher - Dance of the Light

James Asher - Dance of the Light
mp3 | 256 kbps | 1995 | 72 min | 132 mb
Genre: New Age

"James Ashers' Dance of the Light leads you on a romantic journey. A tender collection of music bringing renewed nourishment and healing to the body, mind and spirit…

A summer night. Everything has fallen asleep. Impenetrable darkness and ringing silence. Slumber and peace all around. But you cannot sleep. You are lying and listening to that silence. And suddenly, oh wonder! From somewhere, from afar you can hear the tuneful sounds, ringing a little. A low music penetrates into your home, filling it by harmony. And together with the music light comes. Everything sinks in the shining. And you are showered by the warm rays, warm for both body and soul, and you are passing upwards. That pulsing light and myriad of silver shimmering spheres around you. That's so beautiful, so charming. And you are feeling that the light fills you with love, love towards everything around. And you are feeling so huge, like the Universe, and your heart is boundless, it can contain the whole world. And you are feeling that love… No, you are Love! And no more words to express all this…

An ocean of light, sometimes passionate, sometimes calm, softly enveloping, sometimes playfully enticing - that is music of James Asher. His album Dance Of The Light is a meditation, a permission for existence to pass through you and to clear you. Music of James Asher is so beautiful, so harmonious! Being weaved from many thinnest laces, it is very emotional. Electronic music of James Asher is simple and simultaneously deep. It is very light, almost weightless, and romantic. It is refined and subtle. And the birds singing early before morning just intensify emotionality of James Asher's music.

Listening to Dance Of The Light, more than an hour passes immediately, as if it was one minute. And one wants to listen this music again and again, because it brings tremendous delight, because it has healing power of Light, healing power… of Love itself." ~james-asher.co.uk


1. Dance of the Light (6:10)
2. The Ancient City (27:03)
3. Peace to All Beings (20:00)
4. Dawn at Dev-Aura (18:41)

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