Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas - Back to the Garden

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Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas - Back to the Garden

Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas - Back to the Garden
APE 250 mb | mp3 148 mb | 320 kbps | 55 min
Genre: New Age

A magical interweaving of gentle melodies full of color and bright movement creates a nurturing and soothing sanctuary for the soul. Elegant keyboards, soaring flutes and rich woodwinds flow like soft breezes on a summer day, reflecting the peaceful beauty of a garden.

In 1984, Tom Barabas and Dean Evenson met and played music for the first time at a consciousness-raising workshop in Tucson, Arizona. They recognized that they had a similar style of relating to music, composing and co-creating in the moment. They shared a spiritual connection to music which they felt flowed through them from a transcendental source.

With Tom playing grand piano, and Dean on silver flute, a musical partnership evolved which has resulted in many concerts and popular recordings. Their long musical friendship continues on Back To The Garden, expressing their musical souls together.

Richard Hardy, former horn man for Carole King and Eliza Gilkyson, joins them on this album, gracing many songs with his seductive saxophone melodies and haunting clarinet and alto flute. Not only is Richard an outstanding musician, but a new friend and partner in the Soundings family."


01. What Grass Is This We Lie Upon
02. Gypsy Behind The Shrubbery
03. Come And See My Stamen
04. Change The Stream
05. Droplets Of Water
06. Back To The Garden
07. Harpin On The Sunlight
08. Soft Petal
09. Mysty Morning Light
10. Dew Bee Dew
11. Bedding On The Future

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