Dean Evenson - Dreamstreams

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Dean Evenson - Dreamstreams

Dean Evenson - Dreamstreams
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Genre: New Age, Relaxation

"Musical harmonies flow with the cycle of nature's water, from high mountain streams of the Pacific Northwest to waterfalls and lagoons of the Hawaiian islands. Soothing music of flute, Celtic harps, and keyboards creates waves of peace.

'Dreamstreams' is an experience of the flow of matter into the center of completeness, the essence beyond, the molecular level of perceived solidity. As the essence builds in lightness and expands in understanding, so too the flow of dreams, of waking knowingness opens us. If what we really know is more than now, our dreams will beam us through, so smooth the glide into eternity.

The flow of energy and ideas constantly moving through our lives is the stream of consciousness bringing in its purest form exaltation and wonder. This is the infinite, open, anything-may-happen space that we are all involved with. Life is by definition alive, full and kicking, ready to go in uncharted directions for unfoldings of wonder beyond our wildest dreams. Awaiting us is the future, as unfettered by the past as we dare, and as real in the moment as the air we breathe. Breathe in knowing that anything…anything is possible."


01. Trade Winds
02. Pools Of Knowing
03. Rolling On Forever
04. Night Waves
05. One More Ripple Effect
06. Breath Of Light
07. For Every Stone There Is A Reason
08. Bliss Rain Mist
09. Lapping It Up
10. Soft Wind Brings Us Home
11. Falling For You
12. Sweet Water
13. Feeling The River Flow
14. Lorellei's Bamboo Grove

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