Ke$ha - C'Mon (2013)

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Ke$ha - C'Mon (2013)

Ke$ha - C'Mon (2013)
1920x1080 | Video: MP4 (H264) 5862 kbit/s, 23.97 fps | Audio: AAC Stereo 192 Kbps | 00:04:48 | 208 Mb

Premiered a new video for the singer Kesha her track C'Mon.
"C'Mon" is a song by American recording artist Kesha. Released on 16 November 2012, it was released as a promotional single from her second studio album, Warrior. Written by Kesha and regular collaborators, Dr Luke and Max Martin, who also produced the song. Benjamin Levin, Henry Walter, and singer Bonnie McKee provide additional writing.

The video centers around an adventure that Kesha starts with her companions. It begins with Kesha dressed in a pink checkerboard shirt sucking a lollipop in a restaurant where the restaurant's manager, Richard (whose name-tag is styled Ri¢hard with a cent sign, similar to the way Kesha's name is Ke$ha with a dollar sign), says to her, "You're late again." She appears to be a worker in the diner. A man then asks her for coffee; she then replies with a nod from side-to-side, and she drops her lollipop in his cup and says, "I quit." Richard then tells Kesha, "You can't quit, you're fired!" Kesha exits the restaurant where she appears to be waiting on a bench for an automobile. Suddenly, there is a flash in the sky, and a van with the words "Dream Maker" on it, decorated as a cat, appears. Once the van has arrived, Kesha opens the door, and the driver seems to be a giant cat. The song starts playing when the driver inserts an 8-track tape labelled, "C'mon." It is revealed that passengers of the van include other furry animals there are a lot of people dressed in animals at some scenes. Shots of Kesha is the back interior of the van follow, showing her dancing, bathing, sitting and lying on her bed. She and the "animals" later enter a shop where they ruin glasses, piñatas, and shelves, and they steal things. Kesha kisses the store's manager, who then turns into a gray kitten. Another scene shows her on a dance floor. During the middle-eight, Kesha is riding on a motorcycle. In the final scene, she and her friends invade the restaurant from before and dance.
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