Two Banks Of Four - Three Street Worlds - 2003

Posted By: jazzydevil
Two Banks Of Four - Three Street Worlds
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Nu Jazz | CD | MP3 | VBR | 72.8

hree Street Worlds - A tremendous album from Two Banks Of Four – a group that features work from some of our favorite older members of the British scene – including singer Valerie Etienne, and musicians Chris Bowden and Ski Oakenfull! The album's got a really soaring, spacious feel – with jazzy roots that stretch back to groups like Kalima, and include Fertile Ground, but an overall sound that's very much in step with the current sound of the 21st Century London scene. The tunes are all incredibly soulful – driven by warm acoustic basslines and snapping snare percussion – and the album's got an overall feel that has a lot more real jazz playing than just beats and keys – something we approve of highly! [DustyGroove]


01 Two Miles Before Dawn (4:29)
02 Angels' Walk (4:32)
03 One Day (6:25)
04 Banks Of The Nile (4:18)
05 Stiles (1:20)
06 Blues For Brother (5:20)
07 Unclaimed (4:50)
08 Endless (5:21)
09 Closer (5:55)
10 The Bird Monster (1:34)
11 Three Street Worlds (5:44)
12 Rising (9:00)