Arkhum - Earthling (2013)

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Arkhum - Earthling (2013)

Arkhum - Earthling (2013)
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Blackened Death Metal

Named for the Elizabeth Arkhum Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Batman comics,Arkhum are a blackened death metal band from Oregon, USA. They were formed in 2007 when brothers Kenneth and Stephen Parker decided to join forces. Intent on pursuing and creating music with a science fictional bent, Arkhum has steadily maintained their vicious and unforgiving hybrid of black, death and progressive metal across a number of demos,EPs and 2010's Anno Universum, released on Vendlus Records.Eugene’s Arkhum is celebrating the release of their second full-length, Earthling.

Tracklist :

1. Artificer; or the Contingency of Suns
2. Agglomeration Edict; or a Coruscation of Violent Light
3. Hostibus Vacuum
4. A Distant Biorhythm; or Fission and Firstlight
5. The Dim Effulgence of Perpetuity
6. Re Vera, the Gulf is Voiceless; or the Lucidity Polymer
7. Stygian Assertions; or the Allochthonous Door
8. Cenancestor; or Fervency and Ardor
9. Winnower; or Console Autonomous
10. The Backbone of Night

Total playing time 01:00:10