Asa - Lucid (2019)

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Asa - Lucid (2019)

Asa - Lucid (2019)
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Pop, Alternative | Label: Wagram Music / Chapter Two Records

Franco-Nigerian singer Asa is back with her 4th album after a 5-year hiatus. The Paris-born/Lagos-bred singer/songwriter Asa has been enchanting audiences ever since her eponymously titled recording debut in 2008. Inspired by such diverse influences as Tina Turner, Otis Redding, Fela Kuti, Billie Holliday, The Beatles, James Brown, Angelique Kidjo and Lenny Kravitz, Asa’s ability to craft heartfelt stories sung in English and Yoruba, set to lilting melodies and kinetic grooves, that weave together a stunning tapestry of her borderless influences, have made her one of the most refreshing artists of her generation. Shanachie Entertainment General Manager and A&R Head, Randall Grass states, “Asa is one of the new generation of ‘world citizen’ singer-songwriters whose beguiling voice melds a wide array of influences into a moving, intimate expression.”

October 11, 2019, Asa will release her fourth and first new recording in five years Lucid, an impassioned song cycle about a relationship gone bad featuring the first single, “The Beginning.” Asa’s anticipated new CD places her in the new generation of global citizen singer/songwriters Michael Kiwanuka, Lianne La Havas and Laura Mvula.


1. Murder In The USA (04:01)
2. The Beginning (03:44)
3. Good Thing (02:50)
4. Stay Tonight (03:03)
5. Torn (03:24)
6. Happy People (03:37)
7. You And Me (03:15)
8. Femi Mo (03:28)
9. Makes No Sense (03:33)
10. 365 Days (03:20)
11. Until We Try (This Lo') (03:20)
12. 9 Lives (02:58)
13. Don't Let Me Go (02:55)
14. My Dear (03:57)




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