Barry Goldberg - In the Groove (2018)

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Barry Goldberg - In the Groove (2018)

Barry Goldberg - In the Groove (2018)
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Blues, Blues Rock | Label: Sunset Blvd. Records

Barry Goldberg has a hell of a credit score. And he never leaves home without it. A professional keyboard player since his teenage years in Chicago, he's racked up points and enjoyed numerous rewards as a blues acolyte accompanying greats like Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters; helping Bob Dylan shake rock & roll history at Newport in 1965; organizing Mitch Ryder's torrid Devil with a Blue Dress On; co-founding the genre-busting Electric Flag, and composing best-selling songs for Jackie Wilson, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart and others. For the last five years he's performed as one third of the Rides, with Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, touring widely and topping Billboard's blues chart with the albums Can't Get Enough and Pierced Arrow. With In the Groove he has realized his long-held ambition. The album finds Goldberg cooking on B-3 and piano on a compelling mix of new, first-rate originals and revisited instrumental classics from the late Fifties and early Sixties.


01. Guess I Had Enough of You
02. The Mighty Mezz
03. Westside Girl
04. In the Groove
05. Mighty Low
06. Dumplin's
07. Bullwhip Rock
08. Lazy
09. Tall Cool One
10. Slow Walk
11. Ghosts in My Basement
12. Alberta




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