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Beth Rowley - Gota Fría (2018)

Posted By: pyatak
Beth Rowley - Gota Fría (2018)

Beth Rowley - Gota Fría (2018)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) 319 MB | Cover | 56 minutes | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 131 MB
Vocal Jazz | Label: Stoopnik Records

They say its good to take your time with things that are important to you, and certainly no one can accuse Rowley of rushing the process of recording her much anticipated second album. Following a storming introduction in 2008, with her UK top 10 album Little Dreamer selling over 100,000 albums and receiving a Brit Award nomination for Best Female Solo Artist, has spent the last 6 years experimenting and perfecting her sound and is finally back with a new album in the making titled GOTA FRIA, due for release September 2017.

Beth still acknowledges early influences from Gospel Spirituals, Soul and Blues inherited from her parents, who brought her up on Led Belly and Mahalia Jackson. Her new sound has grown edgier, deeper and louder demonstrated recently during her sold out headline tour of the UK, including The Jazz cafe London and the Royal Albert Hall, in support of Jools Holland. Beth’s vocals are simply stunning and as she graces the stage with her 4 piece band, it is clear to see that the years preparing have grown in her a confidence that only experience and commitment to your art can give.

Beth has appeared on stage with some giants of the music world including recent tour support slots for Jools Holland and his R&B Orchestra, Burt Bacharach - BBC Electric Proms alongside Adele, Jamie Callum, David Arnold, and as Angelo Badalamenti's personal guest with Susie Sioux (David Lynch's right hand man) at Ghent film Festival. has performed at Willie Nelsons 4th July Back Yard Festival in Austin alongside Ray Wylie Hubbard and has shared performances with Carleen Anderson, Katie Melua, and the BBC Concert Orchestra. When isn’t performing her own music she tours as guest vocalist with Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.


1 Shut It Down (4m 25sec)
2 Howl at the Moon (4m 30sec)
3 Bronze (3m 51sec)
4 Brave Face (5m 15sec)
5 Brother (2m 21sec)
6 Forest Fire (4m 29sec)
7 Princess (5m 38sec)
8 Get It Back (4m 53sec)
9 Only One Cloud (5m 59sec)
10 Run to the Light (3m 30sec)
11 Hide From Your Love (3m 39sec)
12 Gota Fría (7m 48sec)




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FILE: 6 - Beth Rowley - Forest Fire.flac
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FILE: 4 - Beth Rowley - Brave Face.flac
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Signature: 58FD9303A7887ACB8DCC5870664C7B2CE697E0D0
FILE: 12 - Beth Rowley - Gota Fría.flac
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FILE: 11 - Beth Rowley - Hide From Your Love.flac
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FILE: 1 - Beth Rowley - Shut It Down.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
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