In memoriam Aldo Clementi (1925 - 5 mar 2011) ES [1982]

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In memoriam Aldo Clementi (1925 - 5 mar 2011) ES [1982]

Aldo Clementi (1925 - 5 mar 2011) ES, Rondeau in un atto [1982] IN MEMORY
Avant-Garde | Analog to Digital LP Rip | PCM 44,100 Hz 16 Bit Stereo | rar + 3% recovery record | 268 MB |
Fonit Cetra Italia ITL 70090 | Vinyl LP 29:30 - 18:40 | Full Sleeve Scans 600dpi

For a number of years, it has been my convinction that Music (and Art in general) must simply have the humble task of describing its own End, or at the very least, its slow dying out. … Misunderstandings are only created by those who, even unconsciously, think of music as a discourse, and thus, even unawares, as caricature of an arc that describes a useless orgasm. … Everything flows smoothly, even in total immobility. The reality that surrounds us already moves too fast to make us want to imitate it. The end naturally creates a sense of saturation and exhaustion, but it is never definitive: by way of a hopeless inurement, we immediately hasten into the infinite and the eternal.
Aldo Clementi, from sleeve text
Aldo Clementi, 86 years old, passed away few days ago (on 4 March 2011): it was an outstanding protagonist of the musical scene since the second half of Ninety Century….
The clock on the top of the piano on the cover is not a metronome but a chess tournament clock: Aldo was a very cleaver chess player and every time that I outbrave him I was beaten in a few moves…. (also my son). The chess game was a demon for him…

ES, Rondeau in one act
Libretto by Aldo Clementi from Nelli Sàito's comedy

Lato 1
Scene A - B - C - D 29:30
Lato 2
Scene E - F 18:40

Fonit Cetra Italia ITL 70090 Stereo HIFI (1982)

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In memoriam Aldo Clementi (1925 - 5 mar 2011) ES [1982]

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