County Jels - Working On The Farm (2017)

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County Jels - Working On The Farm (2017)

County Jels - Working On The Farm (2017)
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Blues Rock | Label: Atlantide

County Jels works the old way. It sounds, it feels. We're here in rock country as practiced by JJ Cale, Whiskey Ash, Eric Clapton, Ten Year After and so many others from a forgotten galaxy. Guitars are essential, but never abused, often respected, always at the service of a blues rock and an atmosphere that allows you to close your eyes and feel good. To go to the country where the emotion is Queen. Plunging into our blues and bayou roots, County Jels and his "Working on the Farm" touch the heart of music that speaks as much to our soul as to the goosebumps that made it visible. Admittedly, this record does not invent anything (but how long has one stammered our culture?), But it puts back the counters to zero and makes roll the good time. And we want more! Yet at the base, all was not won: we have too often heard these records of studio sharks finish in demonstration of misplaced ego. Here the evil has been avoided. Has it even been considered? Conceived ? For the little story here is their CV: Eric Sauviat played with Niagara, Wily Deville, Francis Cabrel, Benjamin Biolay … and we pass; Sébastien Chouard, son of Yves Chouard, accompanied Fred Blondin (first part of Johnny Hallyday), Gérald de Palmas, Sinclair, Jenifer and Florent Pagny; Laurent Cokelaere was noticed with Alan Stivell, Catherine Lara, JJ Milteau, Nolwenn Leroy … Finally Julien Audigier crossed the road of: Lucky Peterson, Izia, Martha High, Helen Segara, Dance with the stars …. In short, the most surprising thing is that they still keep so much fresh air for us to release an album that sounds like a perfect summary of the engine that has guided them for decades: to find the thrill.


01. Eyes Of Love
02. I Love The Game
03. Instrudo
04. Lucie
05. Your Light
06. Baby Please Come Down
07. Strangers
08. Dead Rat Jam
09. Losing Lou
10. Working On The Farm




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