Cult Of Luna - Vertikal (2013) [Limited Edition]

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Cult Of Luna - Vertikal (2013) [Limited Edition]

Cult Of Luna - Vertikal (2013) [Limited Edition]
Sweden | Mp3 320 Kbps | 162 MB
Atmospheric Sludge/Progressive Metal/Post-Hardcore

"Vertikal", the new studio album from Swedish "art rockers" CULT OF LUNA, will be released in Europe on January 25 via Indie Recordings and in the U.S. on January 29, 2013 through Density Records. In addition to the regular CD, there will be released a limited edition of "Vertikal", including one bonus track. According to a press release, "Vertikal" marks a much-anticipated return for the band after five years spent cultivating the ideas and directing the influences that have helped form a concept for the album. Distilled throughout are themes of machinery, repetition and clear, linear structures honed to the visual imagery of Fritz Lang's classic expressionist science fiction film "Metropolis". The music broods, builds and boils as you may expect from CULT OF LUNA, but never overcomplicates itself or veers from its intentions; it is arguably their finest and most cohesive piece of work to date.

Tracklist :

01. The One
02. I: The Weapon
03. Vicarious Redemption
04. The Sweep
05. Synchronicity
06. Mute Departure
07. Disharmonia
08. In Awe Of
09. Passing Through
10. The Flow Reversed (limited-edition bonus track)

Total playing time 01:12:21