Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost

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Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost

Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD]
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Sure, they may have been the kings of heavy metal Cheez Whiz, but unlike many image-conscious '80s rockers, Dokken wrote genuinely appealing songs. Frontman Don Dokken's voice carried better than most belters, and George Lynch was a ferociously gifted guitarist who could tug at the heartstrings as easily as he could burn down the bedroom. Under Lock and Key, which wasn't as combustive as Dokken's first two albums Breaking the Chains and Tooth and Nail, seemed like an effort by the band to attract a larger following. It worked. Candy metal softballs like "It's Not Love," "Unchain the Night," and "In My Dreams" were heavy enough to keep the guys rockin', but sensitive enough to attract the chicks. And isn't that what '80s metal was all about?

~ Jon Wiederhorn
Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost

Dokken Biography:

Formed: 1978, Los Angeles, CA
Genres: Rock
Representative Albums: "Beast from the East", "The Definitive Rock Collection", "Under Lock and Key"
Representative Songs: "Alone Again", "In My Dreams", "Breaking the Chains"

At a time when the charts were ruled by pop-metal acts, Dokken was a major attraction throughout the 1980s. With vocalist Don Dokken's captivating stage presence and guitarist George Lynch's high-energy style, the band combined rockers such as "Kiss of Death" and power ballads such as "Alone Again" in order to create a number of best-selling albums.

Dokken's roots date back to the late '70s, when Lynch, along with drummer Mick Brown, teamed up with Don Dokken to form the Boyz. In 1981, Don moved to Germany and was signed to Carerre Records. The band, now simply known as Dokken, recorded and released Breaking the Chains, their first studio album, in 1983. While the record failed to retain a decent chart position in the United States, the group was immensely popular in Europe.

After a tour in Germany, Dokken was signed to Elektra Records, and Jeff Pilson became their first official bassist. In 1984, the band released Tooth and Nail, which featured the hit songs "Into the Fire," "Just Got Lucky," and "Alone Again." With heavy MTV and radio airplay, Dokken found themselves topping the charts worldwide, and Tooth and Nail eventually sold over one-million copies in the U.S. alone. Following a tour with the Scorpions, the group recorded Under Lock and Key in 1985, which had a similar success due to the hits "In My Dreams" and "It's Not Love." In 1987, the band released Back for the Attack, which featured a track they had written as the subtitle for the third Nightmare on Elm Street film, "Dream Warriors." The coinciding music video, which included scenes of the band interacting with the movie's characters, was their most popular ever, and Back for the Attack became Dokken's third record to reach platinum status. The album's subsequent tour resulted in a live compilation, Beast From the East, which was released shortly before the band broke up in 1988 due to Don Dokken's and Lynch's creative differences.

After the disbanding of Dokken, Don pursued a solo career with Up from the Ashes, and Lynch formed the Lynch Mob, releasing an album in 1990; both releases failed to chart. In 1992, the band reunited, but it wasn't until 1995 when they signed with Columbia Records and released Dysfunctional, which was met with harsh reviews and poor sales. Tensions once again seemed to hover around the group as they recorded the live acoustic release, One Live Night, in 1996 under the CMC label. In 1997, the band released Shadowlife, which was met with a similar response to their past two recordings. In 1998, Lynch left a second time to reunite Lynch Mob, and was replaced with Winger guitarist Reb Beach for 1999's Erase the Slate. This was followed in 2000 by another concert record, Live from the Sun, which captured the Beach lineup at Anaheim's Sun Theater. Beach left the group and was replaced by John Norum, and the group recorded Long Way Home for release in the spring of 2002. In 2003, ex-Warlock guitarist Jonathan Levin and ex-Ted Nugent and Yngwie Malmsteen bassist Barry Sparks joined the group, resulting in the release of Hell to Pay the following year. The band returned to the studio in 2008 for Lightning Strikes Again.

~ Barry Weber

Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985):

Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost


01 Unchain The Night
02 The Hunter
03 In My Dreams
04 Slipping Away
05 Lightnin' Strikes Again
06 It's Not Love
07 Jaded Heart
08 Don't Lie To Me
09 Will The Sun Rise
10 Til The Living End

Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost


Don Dokken - Vocals, Guitars
George Lynch - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jeff Pilson - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
Mick Brown - Drums, Backing Vocals

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Dokken / Under Lock And Key

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DR7 0.00 dB -8.41 dB 4:20 03-In My Dreams
DR8 0.00 dB -10.55 dB 3:48 04-Slippin' Away
DR7 0.00 dB -8.63 dB 3:49 05-Lightnin' Strikes Again
DR7 0.00 dB -9.18 dB 5:02 06-It's Not Love
DR6 0.00 dB -8.50 dB 4:17 07-Jaded Heart
DR7 0.00 dB -8.27 dB 3:38 08-Don't Lie to Me
DR6 0.00 dB -7.74 dB 4:11 09-Will the Sun Rise
DR6 0.00 dB -7.87 dB 4:03 10-Til the Livin' End

Number of tracks: 10
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Dokken - Under Lock And Key (1985) [2009, Japan SHM-CD] Repost

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