Emmanuel Bonnardot - Guillaume de Machaut: Ay Mi! Lais et virelais (1997)

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Emmanuel Bonnardot - Guillaume de Machaut: Ay Mi! Lais et virelais (1997)

Emmanuel Bonnardot - Guillaume de Machaut: Ay Mi! Lais et virelais (1997)
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Classical | Label: Opus 111 | # OPS 30-171 | Recorded: 1996

Machaut's Genius is fully recognized, but his monodic works deserve to be better known. He was the last trouvere, poet and composer, and with him died the monodic world of the learned composers of the west. His virelais, or 'chansons balladees' as he preferred to call them, have a trace of folk art about them, while being exquisitely wrought products of a writer of poetry and melodies so natural as to create an impression of utter effortlessness. They are songs to dance to, to hum to oneself, with frequent repeated sections and a compelling charm.
The use of drone basses, which was common in the Middle Ages in a wide variety of traditions, lends rhythm, power or rather density to the sounds. Accompanying these works on the various fiddles also provides 'arrangements', bringing out the hesitation between two different modes in He dame de valour, and the uncertainty about the final E over the drone on G in Quant je sui mis au retour. In Mors sui se je ne vous voy and Moult sui de bonne heure nee, the tenor written by Machaut is treated as a counter-melody; here the fiddle provides much more than a mere accompaniment, and functions as a genuine second voice. The use of the instrument's upper octave to accompany the words of the woman in Moult sui de bonne heure nee is a reply to the deep male voice in Moult sui se je ne vous voy. One can also opt for simple solutions like playing the melody alone on an instrument or singing without accompaniment, both bringing home a sense of sheer naked truth (Ay mil Dame de valour, Dame je weil endurer, Helas! et comment, C'est force faire).
In Le lay de plour, the metallic sound of the cittern takes us into a world of magic, reminding us of the Celtic background in which the genre was created. The breadth of the work - its great range of pitch as well as its length - goes well beyond the framework of an ordinary song. It is an opera in miniature in which the singer is both narrator and protagonist; the rigour of the relationship between the text and the music (very little melismatic writing and practically no complex vocal ornaments) reinforces the depth and the overwhelmingly convincing power of this poetic masterpiece.
Following in the path of the jongleurs who performed the works of the trouveres in the Middle Ages, I have sought through the spontaneity of the voice and the colours of the instruments to give life and humanity to the sublime and timeless an of Guillaume de Machaut.-
-Emmanuel Bonnardot

Emmanuel Bonnardot is a versatile musician specializing in the performance of both vocal and instrumental music from the Middle Ages. As both a singer and fiddler, Bonnardot has been a core member of the Ensemble Gilles Binchois. In 1989, he co-founded the ensemble Alla Francesca along with Brigitte Lesne (voice, harp) and Pierre Hamon (winds). Alla Francesca performs repertoire ranging from eleventh century troubadour songs to fifteenth century polyphonic compositions. The ensemble often collaborates with the Center for Medieval Music in Paris, where Bonnardot and the other members of Alla Francesca teach. With Alla Francesca, Bonnardot has performed at the major European festivals of early music and has recorded for Opus 111 and Virgin veritas. Bonnardot also directs the early music vocal ensemble Obsidienne, which performs in two different configurations: as an all-male ensemble of approximately ten singers to a larger mixed ensemble of about 15 singers.
- Robert Adelson

Emmanuel Bonnardot (voice, fiddle, rebec, cittern, vihuela d'arco)

Track List:
01. Quant je sui mis su retour, virelai for voice
02. Dou mal qui m'a longuement, virelai for voice
03. C'est force, faire le weil, virelai for voice
04. Loyauté que point ne delay, lai for voice
05. Douce dame jolie, virelai for voice
06. Mors sui se je ne vous voy, virelai for 2 voices
07. He, dame de valour que j'aim, virelai for voice
08. Aymi, dame de valour, virelai for solo voice
09. Moult sui de bonne heure nee, virelai for 2 voices
10. Helas! et comment aroie, virelai for voice
11. Comment qu'a moy lonteinne, virelai for voice
12. Malgré Fortune et son tour (Lay de plour No. 1), lai for voice
13. Dame, je weil endurer, virelai for voice

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Emmanuel Bonnardot - Guillaume de Machaut: Ay Mi! Lais et virelais (1997)

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