Eris Pluvia - Third Eye Light (2010)

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Eris Pluvia - Third Eye Light (2010)

Eris Pluvia - Third Eye Light (2010)
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Genre: Progressive Rock | Label: Ams Italy | Cat.: AMS 185 CD

The Family tree of ERIS PLUVIA, ANCIENT VEIL, and NARROW PASS is fast becoming like a miniature FAIRPORT CONVENTION in terms of members and guests floating in and out apparition-style. When ERIS PLUVIA disbanded some time after their landmark 1991 "Rings of Earthly Light", 2 of its main men, Alessandro Serri and Edmundo Romano, formed "The Ancient Veil", often incorrectly assumed to be a rebranding of the original group, but actually an offshoot. A few years ago, Romano and Valerie Caucino (who guest vocaled on "Rings"), were hired to perform on the NARROW PASS project debut, and both reappeared on that group's sophomore release. While all of these permutations retain certain hallmark characteristics, none has been able to match the original incarnation, and that is why "Third Eye Light" has been widely anticipated since its imminent arrival was announced over 2 years ago.


Track listing

1. Third Eye Light (6:32)
2. Rain Street 19 (6:09)
3. The Darkness Gleams (4:28)
4. Someone Care for Us (3:21)
5. Fixed Cours (2:45)
6. Peggy (6:01)
7. Shades (5:02)
8. Fellow of Trip (5:22)
9. Sing the Sound of My Fears (4:30)

The band

Alessandro Cavatori - Guitars
Marco Forella - Bass
Matteo Noli - Vocals, Guitars
Paolo Raciti - piano, Keyboards
Daviano Rotella - Drums