Fabrizio Cammarata - Lights (2019)

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Fabrizio Cammarata - Lights (2019)

Fabrizio Cammarata - Lights (2019)
Alternative, Folk, Pop Singer & Songwriter | 00:43:44 | WEB FLAC (tracks) | 274 MB
Label: 800A

After a year spent touring his critically acclaimed 2017 album Of Shadows around the world, Sicilian singer-songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata returns with Lights.

A paean to how quickly life can change, Lights is an invocation to slow down, a reminder that some truths are borne from stillness."It's much easier to move fast to have the illusion of renewal,"Fabrizio explains,"It's much harder to stand still and read what our own soul has to tell us; the answer is deep down where motion will only make it fuzzier and unclear."

Produced by long-time ally Dani Castelar (Paolo Nutini, Editors, REM) between Studios Indigo in Palermo and Barxeta in Valencia, Lights is Fabrizio Cammarata's most direct and honest collection of songs to date. A natural storyteller, Fabrizio remains fascinated by the tales that shine a light on life's quieter moments."Run, run, run" he sings,"as if they told you there's a prize to catch." If we can stay still in an accelerating world for long enough, we may find that everything we need is right here with us.

For fans of: Villagers, This Is The Kit, José Gonzalez, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake, The Tallest Man On Earth, Damian Rice.

01. Fabrizio Cammarata - All Is Brighter
02. Fabrizio Cammarata - Run Run Run
03. Fabrizio Cammarata - KV
04. Fabrizio Cammarata - Eileen
05. Fabrizio Cammarata - Under Your Face
06. Fabrizio Cammarata - Rosary
07. Fabrizio Cammarata - Timbuktu
08. Fabrizio Cammarata - Blue
09. Fabrizio Cammarata - Cassiopea
10. Fabrizio Cammarata - For My Heartbeats
11. Fabrizio Cammarata - My Guitar At 4 a.m.

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