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Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]

Posted By: BlondStyle
Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]

Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]
Electronic, Jazz-Rock, Avant-Garde | EAC Rip | FLAC, Tracks+CUE+LOG+Scans (JPG) | 34:38 Min. | 250,76 Mb
Label: Videoarts Music (Japan) | Cat.# VACK-1258 | Released: 2002-11-27 (1986-11-15)
Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]

"Jazz from Hell" is an instrumental album whose selections were all composed and recorded by Frank Zappa. It was released in 1986 by Barking Pumpkin Records on vinyl and by Rykodisc on CD. "Jazz from Hell" was Zappa's final studio album released in his lifetime; for the remaining seven years of his life, he would only release live concert albums. All compositions were executed by Frank Zappa on the Synclavier DMS with the exception of "St. Etienne", a guitar solo excerpted from a live performance Zappa gave of "Drowning Witch" during a concert in Saint-Étienne, France, on his 1982 tour. "While You Were Art II" is a Synclavier performance based on a transcription of Zappa's improvised guitar solo on the track "While You Were Out" from the album Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar (1981). The unreleased original Synclavier performance was done using only the unit's FM synthesis, while the recording found here was Zappa's "deluxe" arrangement featuring newer samples and timbres. "Night School" was possibly named for a late-night show that Zappa pitched to ABC; the network did not pick it up. A music video was made for the song. "G-Spot Tornado", assumed by Zappa to be impossible to play by humans, would be performed by Ensemble Modern on the concert recording The Yellow Shark (1993). Zappa won a 1988 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for this album.
While Frank Zappa had ostensibly been "on his own" since the dissolution of the Mothers of Invention in 1969, never before had he used the term "solo artist" as literally as he does on the Grammy Award winning (in the "Best Rock Instrumental Performance by an orchestra, group or soloist" category) Jazz from Hell (1986). After two decades of depending on the skills, virtuosity, and temperament of other musicians, Zappa all but abandoned the human element in favor of the flexibility of what he could produce with his Synclavier Digital Music System. With the exception of the stunning closer "St. Etienne" which is a guitar solo taken from a live performance of "Drowning Witch" at the Palais des Sports in St. Etienne, France on May 28, 1982 the remaining seven selections were composed, created, and executed by Zappa with help from his concurrent computer assistant Bob Rice and recording engineer Bob Stone. Far from being simply a synthesizer, the Synclavier combined the ability to sample and manipulate sounds before assigning them to the various notes on a piano-type keyboard. At the time of its release, many enthusiasts considered it a slick, emotionless effort. In retrospect, their conclusions seem to have been a gut reaction to the methodology, rather than the music itself. In fact, evidence to the contrary is apparent as it brims throughout the optimistic bounding melody and tricky time-signatures of "Night School." All the more affective is the frenetic sonic trajectory coursing through "G-Spot Tornado." Incidentally, Zappa would revisit the latter during one of his final projects -- when the Ensemble Modern worked up Ali N. Askin's arrangement for the Yellow Shark (1993). Another cut with a bit of history to it is "While You Were Art II," which is Zappa's Synclavier-rendered version of the Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar (1982) entry "While You Were Out." Speaking of guitar solos, as mentioned briefly above, "St. Etienne" is the only song on Jazz from Hell to feature a band and is a treat specifically for listeners craving a sampling of Zappa's inimitable fretwork. The six-plus minute instrumental also boats support from Steve Vai (rhythm guitar), Ray White (rhythm guitar), Tommy Mars (keyboards), Bobby Martin (keyboards), Ed Mann (percussion), as well as the prominent rhythm section of Scott Thunes (bass) and Chad Wackerman (drums). Zappa-philes should similarly note that excellent (albeit) amateur-shot footage of the number was included by Zappa on the companion Video from Hell (1987) home video.
~Review by Lindsay Planer

Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]

Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell (1986) [2002, Japan]

Release of this album: 1986, November, 15 [LP Barking Pumpkin Records, Cat.# ST 74205, USA]
Release of this CD: 2002, November, 27 [CD Videoarts Music (Japan), Cat.# VACK-1258 / EAN: 4988112413573]
Notes: Comes in a CD-sized papersleeve album replica (Mini-LP), with obi-strip and insert of notes mostly in Japanese.
FZ approved master, 1993. A part of 'FZ Papersleeve Edition' Series.
℗ 1986 Rykodisc. © 1986, 1995 The Zappa Family Trust.
Manufactured by Videoarts Music, a division of Imagica Media, Inc.
under exclusive license from Rykodisc USA.
Made in Japan


Art Direction – Frank Mulvey
Bass – Scott Thunes
Computer [Assistant] – Bob Rice
Drums – Chad Wackerman
Engineer – Bob Stone
Keyboards – Bobby Martin, Tommy Mars
Lead Guitar, Producer, Arranged By, Composed By – Frank Zappa
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Other [Public Relations] – Dennis Davidson Associates
Percussion – Ed Mann
Photography [Cover] – Greg Gorman
Rhythm Guitar – Ray White, Steve Vai


01. Night School (04:51)
02. The Beltway Bandits (03:26)
03. While You Were Art II (07:18)
04. Jazz From Hell (03:00)
05. G-Spot Tornado (03:18)
06. Damp Ankles (03:45)
07. St. Etienne (06:27) *
08. Massaggio Galore (02:33)

* - Recorded 1982 at Palais des Sports, St. Etienne, France.

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DR10 -0.10 dB -12.24 dB 4:51 01-Night School
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DR8 -0.10 dB -10.94 dB 7:18 03-While You Were Art II
DR10 -0.10 dB -12.16 dB 3:00 04-Jazz From Hell
DR11 -0.10 dB -12.53 dB 3:18 05-G-Spot Tornado
DR12 -0.10 dB -15.01 dB 3:45 06-Damp Ankles
DR10 -0.10 dB -12.42 dB 6:27 07-St. Etienne
DR11 -0.10 dB -11.86 dB 2:33 08-Massaggio Galore

Number of tracks: 8
Official DR value: DR10

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 16
Bitrate: 913 kbps
Codec: FLAC

Thanks to original releaser

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