Gabrielle Shonk - Gabrielle Shonk (2017)

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Gabrielle Shonk - Gabrielle Shonk (2017)

Gabrielle Shonk - Gabrielle Shonk (2017)
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Pop, Folk, Singer-Songwriter | Label: Universal Music Canada

Gabrielle Shonk is a singer-songwriter and vocalist based in Quebec City, Canada.
Back in 2012, shortly after the Canadian-American musician Gabrielle Shonk completed her degree at Québec’s Université Laval, where she studied jazz, she started writing a song called “Raindrops.” In its earliest form, it had what Shonk described as “that acoustic, Sunday-morning jazzy feel” but when she embarked on the process of writing and recording her debut album two years ago, she decided to revisit the song, in the process completely revamping it.

The song that emerged from that reimagining, which premieres exclusively here on W, took a darker turn. Gone was the acoustic guitar; in its place, the jangle of electric. Shonk’s voice, part of the same throaty jazz-pop lineage as Amy Winehouse or Tony Bennett-phase Gaga, croons over a snare beat and a few sparse piano chords. But the essence of the song remained the same: It’s about the point, just before the demise of a relationship, “where you know things aren’t going that well” but can’t help wonder, “is this worth pushing through and working through it, or is it just broken, and at the end, and I’m denying it?” Shonk told me, adding that she was going through a similar internal battle when she wrote the song. The lyrics are similarly candid: “Can’t seem to decide if I stay or I go,” Shonk sings, “Why is it that I never seem to know?”


01. Free
02. Habit
03. When We Were Young
04. Trop Tard
05. En équilibre
06. Raindrops
07. The Cliff
08. Missing Out
09. Sidewalks
10. Pars plus sans moi




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