Hate - Solarflesh (2013) (Limited Edition)

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Hate - Solarflesh (2013) (Limited Edition)

Hate - Solarflesh (2013) (Limited Edition)
Poland | Mp3 320 Kbps | 108 MB
Death Metal

A merciless and brutal masterpiece. Polish Extreme Metal. On their latest album "Solarflesh", HATE unleashes a merciless maelstrom of brutality and impenetrable darkness. The band revolving around frontman ATF sinner clads dark visions and nightmares in an aggressive Black Death Metal sound that is brutal and technically ambitious. The powerful production gives the haunting riffs, thundering drums and inhuman grunts the perfect sound. The new songs are diverse, dynamic, full of details, and offer the listener a gripping experience for the entire album. "Solarflesh" is the triumphant return of the extraordinary Polish artist, and will enthrall Extrem Metal fans all over the world.

Tracklist :

01 Watchful Eye ov Doom
02 Eternal Might
03 Alchemy ov Blood
04 Timeless Kingdom
05 Festival ov Slaves
06 Sadness Will Last Forever
07 Solarflesh
08 Endless Purity
09 Mesmerized
10 Hatchammer (bonus)
11 Venom (bonus)
12 Fall ov all Icons (bonus)